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Entry #1

NewGrounds Logs - Under New Management!

2009-04-29 13:29:41 by byteslinger


New URL :

Edit: April 9, 2011:

Wow. Time has a way of slipping by way too fast. Between being busy IRL and on-line, I've only done general maintenance on the NGLogs site. Oh, I have plenty of good plans and ideas on paper - but finding a nice chunk of time to code it all and put it in place has been rough.

When I first took over NG Logs, my client list (I'm a free-lance consultant/designer/programmer) was zero - I had no work IRL, and I was living off my savings. The economy had caused many of my clients not to renew contracts, leaving me with time on my hands to find more work - and be active on Newgrounds.

Later, business did pick up - and in fact, it has increased to the point where I'm working steady again. Good for paying my bills, but it does cut into "free-time projects". Each month I'd say to myself "ok, gotta work on the NGLogs programs next week" - but it never happened.

I feel bad about that, so I am going to elevate the importance of NGLogs to what I'll consider "an active pro-bono project" and allocate a few hours a week to work on the code and the upgrades. I'm making it part of my schedule - and 2 hours a week will add up, and eventually I'll have all the changes in place. I've had a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism, and I do want to implement the things I have promised.

My apologies for letting it slip; hopefully, in a few months, I'll be able to deliver on what I've been talking about doing for so long...

Edit: July 16. 2009:

Good news: NG Logs is doing just fine - a few minor tweaks here and there, but otherwise doing well.

Bad news: We have a bunch of retarded spammers who are jamming post/replies with an automated program, so before I get hit, I have to disable comments for a while. Feel free to continue to PM me or post to the NG Logs Ideas thread - I check those daily.

Many of the other members of the EGB have been hit recently,and it looks like a systematic attack against all the members. So I think it'll be just a matter of time before they find my ID and slam that, too.

So, this post will be read-only for a while - but I'm still around.

Happy Stat Whoring!

New caretaker, programmer and host of NG Logs...

BTW - +7 New Eggs (did you find them yet?)


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2009-06-04 09:10:41

Doing well obviously :D

Also I only found one new egg until now, haha.

byteslinger responds:

Thank you - just trying to keep up the good work you started. And keep looking - they are there!


2009-06-15 22:27:39

well, my local time is central time, meaning I'm one hour behing NG time. So it doesn't make much sense that the prob is starting around 10 PM for me, and continuining till 11 PM when it's midnight at NG...

But anywho, just wanted to bring it to your attention. If you can't find out what's causing it, it's a relatively minor thing compared to the earlier things I mentioned, so no big whoop. #;-}>

byteslinger responds:

Hey, Gfoxcook, I think I found the bug and I fixed it. There was some old code that did a +1 to the hour to manually compensate for time zone differences. I thought I switched it all to the TZ variables, but I missed 2 spots - just enough to create the problem you described . I worked on it tonight between 11PM and midnight so I could test the fix - I think it's all okay now, but give it a go and let me know if it works for you, ok?

And thanks again for pointing it out - it was a little annoying bug that needed to be fixed! :)


2009-06-15 23:49:06

"Experience deposited, stats logged" 12 minutes to go before NG midnight. Yep, you got it. As with last time, supa-fast service. :::tips cap to ya:::

byteslinger responds:

Glad I could help. Happy stat-whoring, my friend!


2009-06-28 06:28:12

no 7 more I haven't found one. What am I looking for hentai, lolcats heavy metal screamers. Also did you Wadolf your comments?


2009-06-28 17:12:19

I haven't found even 1 of the 7 new easter eggs, can you tell me where they are in a PM?

byteslinger responds:

Aw, come on - they're not that hard to find! But, in the interest of fairness, I'll give you some clues:

1) No, no hentai or screamers. Everything is a link to another page, none of which is harmful or rated above PG.

2) I added these hidden links on both old pages and new, so be methodical

3) If you have Firefox, you can use the tab key to advance from link to link, and see when / if the focus stops on some place it usually shouldn't.

4) Some are fun - some are just for LOLs.

This should give you a good start - I'm sure you'll find them now!

Good luck.


2009-06-29 16:47:40

I found one! :)


2015-04-01 17:43:36

And I'm glad to see it still running. Been using it a lot more recently now that I'm back to NG on the regular. :)